Insider's Wine Club FAQs

Who chooses the wine club selections? Our winemaker, Mark Wenzel, carefully selects the hand-crafted wines that you will receive as a member of the Insider’s Club.

I just signed up for a wine subscription, when will I receive my first shipment? Bi-monthly shipments will be made in January, March, May, July, September, and November. Shipping Saver option shipments will be sent in March, July and November. Approximate date of shipping is the 15th of the month. Shipments will be made to members who apply by the first day of the shipping month. For example, if you sign up on October 30 (prior to November 1 deadline), you will receive your first shipment in November. If you sign up on November 2 (after deadline), you will receive your first shipment in January (if you are receiving bi-monthly shipments) or March (if you are receiving Shipping Saver shipments. ) We will notify you by email when your shipment is sent and you can track its progress.

How many bottles of wine do I receive in each shipment? For those members who choose the standard bi-monthy shipment, you receive 1-4 bottles each shipment, depending on the club you choose. For those who choose the Shipping Saver option, you will receive the same wine that bi-monthly members receive, but in one shipment every four months instead of the bi-monthly shipments. Therefore, you will receive 2-8 bottles each shipment, depending on the club you choose.

How do I update my address, email, or credit card information?
You can notify us of any changes using one of these four options:
– Login to your account and make the changes at this link.
– Phone the Tasting Room at 815-667-5211
– Email the changes to
– Fax your changes to the Tasting Room at 815-667-5247
Unreported changes of address, nondelivery and forwarding of packages will result in applicable shipping charges, which will be passed on to member.

Can I give an Insider’s Wine Club membership as a gift? Absolutely. An Insider’s Wine Club membership is the ideal gift, meant to be shared with family and friends. You can sign up online. You choose the number of gift shipments you want the recipient to receive and the membership option. Your credit card will be charged every other month when the club order is processed. The recipient will enjoy all of the benefits and discounts of being a member of the Insider’s Wine Club.

I wasn’t home to sign for my club shipment, how do I get my wines? UPS will make three delivery attempts to deliver your wine shipment before the package is returned. We strongly encourage you to have your wine delivered to a business address where an individual 21 years of age or older can sign for the shipment.

Why can’t UPS leave my wine club shipment on my doorstep? The Federal Government requires that someone 21 or over with a government issued ID be present to sign for any package containing alcohol.

How do you avoid temperature damage to wine shipments? We have found that most temperature damage occurs when shipments spend time in transit (i.e. on the back of a truck) over the weekend, and thus exposed to extreme temperatures. To avoid this, we occasionally may hold club shipments and notify you via email of the hold. Regardless of these attempts to protect your wines, if you feel that you have received a damaged bottle, please do not hesitate to contact us for a replacement bottle.

Can I skip or postpone a club shipment? Yes. If you are planning to be away from home during a club shipment, please contact us no later than the first of the month to arrange for an alternative club shipment delivery date.

How do I cancel or rejoin the Insider’s Wine Club? While we hope that you will never have cause to cancel your Insider’s Wine Club membership, we understand that situations may arise that force you to end your membership (moving to a non-ship to state or out of the U.S.) Simply give us a call at 815-667-5211, send us an email at, or fax us at 815-667-5247.

Can I order additional wine? Yes. Our wines are meant to be shared, so please enjoy them with family and friends. Additional wine can be ordered through our online store.

Why can’t you ship to my state? Currently, we can only ship Insider’s Wine Club shipments to the following states: Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Montana, Tennessee, Texas, Wisconsin, and Washington DC. State laws regulate the direct shipment of wine, and in some cases prevent wineries from shipping direct to consumers in certain states, or within areas of certain states. To find out more, visit

How much does it cost to become an Insider’s Wine Club member? Nothing. It’s free to join. As an Insider’s Wine Club member, you receive numerous benefits, and you only pay for the wines shipped to you and the associated tax and shipping fees.

Can I pick up my wine from the Tasting Room instead of having it shipped?
Yes. You may choose to pick up your wine using the Will Call option. Your wine selections will be available for 30 days after the will-call pick up date. After that time, substitutions of other wines may be made. Will call orders are held for one year; after this time, your will call order will be shipped to you and your card on file will be charged for the shipping fee.You will be notified via email when it is time to pick up your order. Please be sure that we have a current email address for you.

Usually I have my wine shipped; can I pick it up the next time? Not a problem. Whether it is for one shipment or from a certain date forward, just notify us of your wishes for Will Call pickup prior to the first day of the shipping month.

Do discounts apply to all my family and friends? Membership applies to the applicant and member’s significant other only.

Do the discounts begin immediately? Yes, the discounts do start immediately. August Hill Winery wants you to start enjoying all of the benefits of membership today. For club members who sign up in the Tasting Room, we will send you a welcome letter with information on how to receive online discounts.