Our Process
It all starts in the vineyard. We prune the vines, protect them from predators such as deer and birds, keep the weeds at bay, and mold them into glorious, mature grapes.
When the acid and sugar levels are just right, it’s time to harvest: we get to see the fruits of our labor. It takes a small army for us to pick the grapes quickly and get them ready for the next step.
After the grapes are harvested, the stems are removed and the grapes are split open. This is crush! Excitement is in the air!
The grapes are gently pressed and the juice flows into a basin. The aroma of the grapes is strong and wonderful. The pressing of the grapes is a beautiful sight.
Using yeast, we turn the grape juice into wine. The juice and yeast create a chemical reaction called fermentation. Making alcohol. Making wine!
Some wine lives in barrels, some lives in tanks. Along the way we taste and blend and take copious notes until we get it just right.
When the wine is ready for you to experience it is bottled and dressed with a label. Open the bottle. Pour a glass. Look at it. Smell it. Taste it. Enjoy it! That’s what it’s all about.
Illinois Sparkling Co.