Light, Sweet Bubbling Wine

Maiwein (pronounced “my vine”) is made from a blend of white grapes. Natural sweet woodruff herb is steeped in the wine blend, resulting in a delightful sweet, bubbling wine. The German tradition of making Maiwein (May wine) to celebrate the month of May dates back to 854 AD. This light and refreshing herbal infused beverage is a perfect treat that can be enjoyed throughout the year.

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Food Pairing:

Desserts like apple strudel and cinnamon baklava. Makes a delicious sangria.

Serving Temp:

Chilled (45°F)

Aging Potential:

3 Years

Percent Alcohol:



750 mL

Awards: We have not submitted this wine to any competitions as of yet; however Mama Wenzel (our winemaker Mark's mom) placed this new wine at the top of her "favorites" list!