Featured Art

We are proud to feature local artists in our Tasting Room. Stop in to enjoy works from these artists:


As a very impressionable and sensitive child, Tara Ginocchio remembers being infatuated with the visual beauty of her surroundings in scenic Southern California. Her fascination with the colorful desert, mountain, and coastal landscapes prompted her into portraying these images in drawings and paintings at a very early age. She moved to Illinois in 1995 where she completed her Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Painting at Northern Illinois University. Today she lives in a small community in Illinois where open prairie and farmland became her new adoptive home. Tara says, “I look to the natural world around me for inspiration in my work; a garden, a forest, a body of water. I pluck elements from these environments; branches, rocks, vines, flowers, leaves, water and use as a reference.”  Tara’s artwork is featured on August Hill Winery’s wine labels, newsletters, and other materials.

Creating and painting highlighted photo art is Terry Musclow’s play time outside of work. Terry hand paints one of a kind original photo art and has designed this art to have no frame, no matte, and no glass. The metallic silver-halide prints appear to float off the wall and catch moving light as you walk by. Terry says, “With no agenda, and quite by accident, objects tend to find me – just asking to be photographed! How can I say no?”
Cynthia Ashley is a clinical psychologist by day, but can be found every Friday morning in the glass studio, where temperatures can exceed 120 degrees. She believes the heat is worth it. Cynthia loves working with different colors and watching as the colors transform the piece of glass. She takes her inspiration from the natural beauty of Starved Rock and the Illinois Valley and likes her glass to reflect the asymmetry of nature.
Adrienne Pike Adelphia is a contemporary artist with her studio in America’s heartland. Pike was born in Ottawa, IL, and grew up in the woods outside of Illinois’ Starved Rock State Park. With a love for the outdoors, she has always been passionate about nature and is inspired and fascinated by the way spirit moves in all things. Today, she paints with oil and watercolor, throws and sculpts clay and blows glass and experiments with printmaking.
After spending many years in the trenches styling and dressing much of Chicago’s hip and elite, Mashallah Ghouleh decided to begin designing her own line of jewelry. Her love of pearl accessories was what fueled her to start her company. Every piece of her jewelry is intended for layering, stacking, mixing, matching and can be worn anytime, anywhere. As a result of using natural stones no two pieces are the exact same, each is uniquely individual.
Bill Piller has spent his entire life observing and appreciating nature. Bill invests in the effort to create a bronze sculpture that will bring joy and inspiration for a lifetime. Each sculpture is painstakingly researched and executed to bring out the best attributes of the subject. Only after Bill is satisfied of perfection does the clay sculpture get sent to the foundry. Using the lost wax method of casting, Bill’s sculpture is forever portrayed in all its glory in bronze.
After a skiing accident, Frank Kobilsik began carving custom canes and walking sticks for friends who needed them. His purchase of a wood lathe to ease this process was an epiphany. Woodturning has since become Frank’s passion and consumes every possible moment of his free time. He enjoys solving the unique challenges presented by each piece of wood. August Hill Winery carries a collection of Frank’s beautiful hand-crafted wine bottle stoppers.